Research Article

Fast Distributed Dynamics of Semantic Networks via Social Media

Figure 3

Reorganization of the semantic network caused by World Cup draw. Panel (a) shows the TSS between two sets of countries (32 qualified teams and 32 nonqualified teams) in four instants: 3 days before the draw (D − 3), just before the draw (D − 1), just after the draw (D + 1), and a week after the draw (D + 7). By normalizing matrix rows, panel shows internal structure within the concepts representing the 32 countries revealing the outcome of the groups draw. Panel (b) shows the classifier performance predicting the groups conformation every two hours. Between D − 3 and D − 1 classifier shows poor performance, with a rapid rise between D − 1 and D + 1 (see overlay for a two-minute resolution performance result), and the final decay after D + 1 until D + 7.