Table 3: Correlations between the pairs of criteria.

Type of InterCriteria RelationPairs of criteria

Strong positive consonance (I-V)
Positive consonance (III-VIII)
Weak positive consonance (II-III, III-IV, II-VIII, IV-VIII, I-III)
Weak dissonance (VII-VIII, III-V, VI-VII, I-II, I-VIII, II-V, IV-VII)
Dissonance (III-VII, I-IV, V-VIII, II-VII, IV-V, II-IV)
Strong dissonance (IV-VI, VI-VIII, I-VII)
Dissonance (II-VI, V-VII, III-VI)
Weak dissonance 0
Weak negative consonance (I-VI)
Negative consonance (V-VI)
Strong negative consonance 0