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Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology
Volume 19, Issue 3, Pages 161-162
Brief Communication

Parvovirus B19 in an Immunocompetent Adult Patient with Acute Liver Failure: An Underdiagnosed Cause of Acute Non-A-E Viral Hepatitis

J Kee Ho,1 Susan PL Tha,2 Robert Coupland,2 Bakul I Dalal,2 William R Bowie,1 Gayatri M Sreenivasan,1 Mel Krajden,3 and Eric M Yoshida1

1Department of Medicine, University of British Columbia, Canada
2Department of Pathology, University of British Columbia, Canada
3British Columbia Centre for Disease Control, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Received 2 August 2004; Accepted 3 January 2005

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There are occasional pediatric reports of parvovirus B19-associated transient acute hepatitis and hepatic failure. A case of a 34-year-old immunocompetent woman who developed severe and prolonged but self-limited acute hepatitis and myelosuppression following acute parvovirus B19 infection is reported. Parvovirus B19 may be the causative agent in some adult cases of acute non-A-E viral hepatitis and acute liver failure.