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Diagnostic Performance of Gastric Imprint Smear for Determination of Helicobacter pylori Infection

Received08 Feb 2010
Accepted12 Apr 2010


BACKGROUND: Despite the availability of several methods (invasive and noninvasive) for the diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infection, no test is considered to be the ‘gold standard’. Endoscopy-based tests are regarded as the reference method in most studies.OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the diagnostic performance of imprint cytology smears of antral biopsies compared with Gram-stained smears, the rapid urease test and culture methods, separately and in combination.METHODS: Antral biopsies were obtained from consecutive patients undergoing upper gastrointestinal endoscopy at a single centre. The biopsies were examined for the presence of H pylori by Gram-stained smear, the rapid urease test, culture methods and imprint cytology smear.RESULTS: A total of 273 biopsies were studied. All tests were positive in 36% of the patients. Of 252 biopsies tested, 73% were positive using the imprint cytology technique. Using Gram-stained smear, the rapid urease test and culture methods individually, the sensitivity and specificity of imprint cytology smears for the detection of H pylori were found to be 92.7% and 50%; 92.7% and 49%; and 92.4% and 38.5%, respectively. Combining the three microbiological methods resulted in a sensitivity of 92.1%, a specificity of 51.0% and an efficiency of 71.7% for imprint cytology smears.CONCLUSIONS: Endoscopic examination provides useful clinical information. Imprint gastric cytology can be used as a rapid test to establish the diagnosis of H pylori infection at the time endoscopy is performed, enabling the endoscopist to start treatment with immediate effect.

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