Table 2: Categorical demographic characteristics and indicators of HCV management, treatment, and outcomes according to Aboriginal status.

Categorical variablesAboriginal status value
Aboriginal ()Non-Aboriginal ()

Underwent biopsy44.448.90.517
Underwent Fibroscan13.015.30.64
Initiated HCV antiviral therapy37.040.80.574
Use of erythropoietin0.06.40.054
Treatment type0.262
 Interferon based37.034.5
 DAA IFN0.04.7
Treatment status0.001
 Treatment failure10.013.3
 Side effects/adverse event25.021.3
 Adherence/substance abuse/lack of follow-up25.04.6
 Completed treatment40.060.9

Achieved SVR56.358.90.833
Achieved SVR by genotype

The results represent “%”.