Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology / 2017 / Article / Tab 2

Review Article

Living with Hepatitis C Virus: A Systematic Review and Narrative Synthesis of Qualitative Literature

Table 2

Characteristics of included studies.

AuthorStudy designNumber of participants includedThemes
Disruption to daily lifeCommunicationImpact of diagnosisPreferences for careStigma

General populationBlasiole et al., 2006Semistructured interview342
Bova et al., 2008Semistructured interviews39
Brunings et al., 2013Semistructured focus group interviews44
Butt et al., 2008Interviews and daily think-aloud recordings26
Conrad et al., 2006Semistructured interviews70
Dudley et al., 2007In-depth interviews8
Faye and Irurita, 2003Semistructured interviews24
Fry and Bates, 2012Semistructured interviews15
Glacken et al., 2003In-depth interviews28
Glacken et al., 2001Descriptive exploratory design9
Groessl et al., 2008Semistructured interviews22
Grundy and Beeching, 2004Semistructured interviews8
Harris, 2010Phenomenological research design40
Harris, 2005Not reported20
Harris, 2009Semistructured interviews40
Hepworth and Krug, 1999Semistructured interviews66
Hill et al., 2015Unstructured interviews23
Janke et al., 2008Focus groups40
Jiwani et al., 2013Semistructured interviews10
Kinder, 2009Interviews using open-ended questions8
Le Talec, 2013Semistructured, open-ended interviews31
MacNeil, 2012Semistructured, open-ended interviews9
McCreaddie et al., 2011Semistructured interviews16
Moore et al., 2009Written questionnaire with open ended questions39
North et al., 2014Semistructured focus group interviews48
Olsen et al., 2013Semistructured, open-ended interviews109
Olsen et al., 2009Semistructured, open-ended interviews109
Owen, 2008In-depth, open-ended interviews6
Paterson et al., 2006“Think aloud” approach during a face-to-face interview33
Sgorbini et al., 2009Semistructured, open-ended interview5
Sinclair et al., 2011Semi-structured open-ended interview13
Stewart et al., 2012Semistructured, open-ended interviews13
Stoller et al., 2009Semi-structured, open-ended interviews42
Sutton and Treloar, 2007Semistructured, open-ended interviews36
Temple-Smith et al., 2004Open-ended interview32
Treloar et al., 2010Open-ended interview24
Treloar and Hopwood, 2008Open-ended interview20
Treloar and Hopwood, 2004Semistructured, open-ended interviews19

Injection drug usersContreras and Jason, 2013Semistructured interviews4
Copeland, 2004Semistructured interviews, conducted in groups
Crockett and Gifford, 2004Semistructured interviews25
Habib and Adorjany, 2003Self-reported questionnaire with open- and closed-ended questions274
Olsen et al., 2012Semistructured, open-ended interviews83
Tompkins et al., 2005In-depth, open-ended interviews17
Wright et al., 2005In-depth interviews17

OtherDunne and Quayle, 2001Semistructured focus groups32