Research Article

Establishing a Porcine Model of Small for Size Syndrome following Liver Resection

Figure 5

Composite of liver biopsies of 50%, 75%, and 85% liver resection at the time of sacrifice with low (a, d, and g), intermediate (b, e, and h), and high power view (c, f, and i). The low power view shows no significant change in 50% hepatectomy group. Normal hepatocytes and unchanged hepatic structures are seen (a). In the high power views only few mitoses are seen ((b) and (c)). The low power view of liver after 75% liver resection is shown in (d). Portal and periportal edema and significant elevated mitoses are prominent findings in 75% hepatectomy group ((e) and (f)). The low power view of 85% resection reveals extensive hemorrhage (g). Necrosis, bleeding, and inflammation in periportal area are shown in high power view (h and i). Int.: intermediate.