Table 2: Main characteristics of studies that detect HBV-DNA in saliva or oral fluid samples.

ReferenceType of saliva or collection device PopulationSerum HBsAg or HBVMolecular methodSensitivity of HBV DNA
Detection in oral fluid
DNA positive subjects (n)

[7]Whole salivaThailand HBV carriers23In-house qualitative PCR47.8%
[18]Whole salivaSiberian military men42In-house qualitative PCR46.2%
[19]Whole salivaHBV chronic carriers147In-house real-time PCR47%
[20]Whole salivaHBV chronic carriers23In-house real-time PCR21.7%
[21]Whole salivaHBV chronic carriers200In-house real-time PCR72.5%
[22]OracolChildren with chronic HBV46In-house real-time PCR92%
[23]Whole salivaHBV chronic carriers50Commercial PCR68%
[24]Salivette, FTA Cards, DNA-Sal and whole salivaHBV chronic carriers32In-house qualitative PCR53.12%
[25]SalivetteHBV chronic carriers55In-house real-time PCR18.2%
[26]SalivetteOccult HBV carriers5In-house qualitative PCR80%