Table 4: Main characteristics of studies of detection of HBV-DNA from DBS samples compared to serum or plasma.

ReferencePopulationCountryDNA Extraction Method (DBS)Amplification MethodSensitivity (%)Specificity (%)

[38]HBsAg positive serum + negative whole bloodIndiaNot performedSimple PCR (core gene)NRNR
[39]HBsAg positive patients (82)SpainQIAamp mini columnsReal Time PCR (core gene)88100
[40]HBsAg positive patients (47)MexicoQIAamp® DNA micro kitCobas Amplicorv1.5100NR
[41]60 patients with undetermined serological StatusChinaChelex-100Nested PCR (pre-core/core gene)NRNR
[42] HBsAg positive patients (50)EgyptNot performedDirect amplification (KAPA blood PCR Kit)100100
HBsAg negative patients (10)
[31] HBV DNA positive patients (100)GermanyMagNaPure 96 system using Viral NA Universal kitArtus HBV LC PCR
VERSANT HBV bDNA 3.0 assay
HBV DNA negative patients (50)
[32] HBV DNA positive patients (50)FranceFTA purification reagentCobas Taqman HBV test V2.098NR
HBV DNA negative patients (10)
[43]HBsAg positive patients (26)CongoCOBAS®
AmpliPrep/COBAS® Taqman® HBV test v1.0
COBAS® AmpliPrep/COBAS® Taqman® HBV test v1.096NR
[29]HBV DNA positive patients (100)GermanyNot informedNot informed93NR
[44]HBV DNA positive and HIV-infected patients (68)ZambiaPre-extraction bufferAmpliPrep/COBAS TaqMan HBV test91NR
[45]HBV viral load value range from 2.14 log to >7 log IU/mlEthiopiaAbbott RealTime HBV assay on sp2000 extractorrt2000realtime PCR instrument88NR
[46] Hepatitis B-infected patients (85)DenmarkNot performedUltrio Elite assay97.6NR
Blood donors negative for HBV infection (99)

NR: not reported.