Table 1: Summary of reference articles regarding risk of diverticular bleed in DOAC use.

Author and YearMethodPopulation DescriptionTotal PopulationPopulation with diverticular bleedPopulation with bleed on DOAC (percentage)

Vajravelu et al 2018 [6]Retrospective cohort study, 2000-2016Patients with diverticular hemorrhage14,92514,925237 (1.4%)

Nagata et al 2014 [7]Prospective study 2009-2013Patients undergoing colonoscopy911153

Taki et al 2017 [8]Retrospective case identification 2009-2016Patients with colonic diverticular bleeding and case-matched controls3001007 (2.3%)

Kumar et al 2015 [9]Retrospective review all patients in a district hospitalPatients taking DOACS in a district hospital2,4878

Lai et al 2017 [10]Retrospective review 2010-2015Patients taking DOACs21,50352

Brodie et al 2018 [11]Retrospective review 2010-2016Patients with GI bleed8,496312 (3.3%)

only 2 patients in total were taking DOACs
54 total GI bleeds, 14% of which were related to diverticular disease
366 total GI bleeds