Research Article

Contrast-Enhanced Microtomographic Characterisation of Vessels in Native Bone and Engineered Vascularised Grafts Using Ink-Gelatin Perfusion and Phosphotungstic Acid

Figure 3

Enzymatic, immunohistochemical, and immunofluorescent staining on sections of femurs and tibias after contrast enhancement. (a) TRAP staining showing multinucleated osteoclasts (red) in the epiphyseal gap. (b) CD31 staining showing a small ink-gelatin contrasted vessel (star) with positively stained endothelial lining (arrows). (c) Immunohistochemistry for osteoblasts (arrow) in the corticalis. (d) Immunofluorescence for CD68 showing single rat macrophages (arrows) inside the bone marrow (plus).