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Research Article

Comparison of 68Ga-DOTA-Siglec-9 and 18F-Fluorodeoxyribose-Siglec-9: Inflammation Imaging and Radiation Dosimetry

Table 1

Characteristics of study animals.

Sprague-Dawley skin inflammation ratsLDLR−/−ApoB100/100 atherosclerotic miceC57BL/6N control mice

Age (months)
High fat diet (months)NDND
Female/male (no.)0/1615/46/7
Weight (g)
In vivo PET (no.)1322
Ex vivo gamma counting (no.)161913
Ex vivo autoradiography (no.)ND1210

LDLR−/−ApoB100/100 = low-density lipoprotein receptor-deficient mouse expressing only apolipoprotein B100; ND = not done; no. = number of investigated animals.