Research Article

Amyloid-Beta Radiotracer [18F]BF-227 Does Not Bind to Cytoplasmic Glial Inclusions of Postmortem Multiple System Atrophy Brain Tissue

Figure 2

Representative autoradiography images obtained from (a) an MSA patient, (b) a CTL subject, and (c) a patient with Alzheimer’s disease used as positive control. Three consecutive medulla sections were incubated with [18F]BF-227 and washed with various ethanol concentrations (50-65-80% from left to right). Corresponding immunofluorescence against pathological α-syn (in red, red arrow) did not match the autoradiography signals (in white) detected after washes with 50 and 65% ethanol (a, b). In contrast, amyloid plaques in the Alzheimer’s patient were best detected (white arrow) after washing the slides with 80% ethanol.