Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine / 2012 / Article / Fig 3

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How the Statistical Validation of Functional Connectivity Patterns Can Prevent Erroneous Definition of Small-World Properties of a Brain Connectivity Network

Figure 3

Results of ANOVA performed on the small-world index computed on networks inferred from simulated data, using METHOD and EDGE as within main factors. The diagram shows the mean value for the small-worldness computed on the adjacency matrices extracted by means of the shuffling procedure (blue line) and fixed edge density method (red line) in Case 1 (edge density as described in Figure 2(a)) and Case 2 (edge density as described in Figure 2(b)). The bars represent their relative 95% confidence intervals. The green dotted line represents the threshold above which a network is said to be “small world.” The symbol ( ) indicates a statistical difference between shuffling procedure and fixed edge density method, highlighted by Tukey’s post hoc test ( ).