Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine / 2012 / Article / Fig 6

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How the Statistical Validation of Functional Connectivity Patterns Can Prevent Erroneous Definition of Small-World Properties of a Brain Connectivity Network

Figure 6

Results of ANOVA performed on the small-worldness index computed on networks inferred from mannequin data, using METHOD and EDGE as within main factors. The diagram shows the mean value for the small worldness computed on the adjacency matrices extracted by means of Shuffling procedure (blue line) and fixed edge density method (red line) in two cases, Case 1 (edge density as in Figure 5(a)) and Case 2 (edge density as in Figure 5(b)). The bar represents their relative 95% confidence interval. The green dotted line represents the threshold above which a network is said to be “small world.” The symbol ( ) indicates a statistical difference between shuffling procedure and fixed edge density method, highlighted by Tukey’s post hoc test ( ).