Figure 4: Vesicle release noise effect and the effect of all types of noise on the AP time precision. (a) Vesicle release noise. Four histograms represent the distribution of AP clusters’ under various values of . Longer simulations yield more extreme values of max and min -prolonging the simulation 10x (from 3 s to 30 s) the max increased by about 70%, and the min was approximately halved. Increasing the once again to 300 s the max increased by only 20% whereas the value of min decreased by less than 10%. (b) All neuronal noise. The AP time precision of CA3 model with all noise sources switched on and relevant parameters set up to match real neurons. The effect of and numbers of engaged presynaptic neurons N, representing different amount of synchronicity between presynaptic neurons, is shown here. The mean precision value is shown to the left, and the minimal value of found is shown to the right. (c) Final comparison between various noise sources drawn for range of interspike intervals ISI fired in our model. In panel (b) the red vertical bars represent the 95% confidence interval of .