Table 2: Model parameters. The “in vivo’’ label refers to parameters that have been chosen according to in vivo measurements and observations. The “Estimated’’ label refers to free (unknown) parameters that have been tuned.

Param. Description Value (estimate) Ref.

growth parameter (Gompertz) 0.2165 in vivo
shrink parameter (Gompertz) 0.01269 in vivo
max killing rate by 0.00000033 Estimated
release rate by Killed 0.21 Estimated
natural degradation rate ln(2)/9 [19]
Switch rate from to thanks to 0.1 Estimated
max duplication rate 0.095 Estimated
E and nautral death rate ln(2)/15 [20]
death rate due to stimulation of 0.000001 Estimated
and natural degradation rate ln(2)/21 [21, 22]
migration rate from injection to skin compartment 0.009 Estimated
Reinjection rate of N by thymus 0.01 Estimated
duplication threshold due to 10 Estimated
- min. killing rate threshold 1 Estimated
- max. killing rate threshold 50 Estimated
Number of N in safe conditions (leukocyte formula) 196000 in vivo
Initial number of C 180000 in vivo
No. of injected E by treatment administration 760000 in vivo
No. of injected Ab by treatment administration 1000000 in vivo
Delay value 1 in vivo