Figure 4: The total model consisting of the left ventricle (LV), with the mitral ( ) and aortic valve ( ), the aorta, and the coronary circulation. The aorta and its main branches are numbered according to Table 2. The LMCA has a length of 5 mm and splits into the LAD and the LCx, with a length 7.5 cm and 6 cm, respectively. Side branches are modeled at intervals of 1.5 cm. Each coronary segment is represented by the characters a–f. The radius of segment a is 1 mm and Murray’s law is used to determine the radius of segments b–f. All a-segments are connected to the three-element model representing the coronary microvessels. The intramyocardial pressure ( ) acts on the three capacitors that represent the vessel compliance. When a stenosis is modeled, it is incorporated into the -segment of the LAD.