Table 1: PDB templates used for each of the seven homology models of the LEA client proteins. The four-character PDB identifier is provided. The chain identifier follows the underscore. A brief description of each of the PDB template molecules is provided.

PDB templateDescription -score

AT1G54870.13ijr_A (no publication)Bacillus anthracis short chain dehydrogenase−1.24

AT1G75830.11ayj_A [60]Raphanus sativus antifungal protein 1−0.27

AT3G55170.12zkr_v [61]Mammalian ribosomal 60S subunit−0.64
4a17_U [62]Tetrahymena thermophilia 60S ribosomal subunit
3u5e_h [63]Eukaryotic ribosome
3iz5_c [64]Triticum aestivum ribosomal protein

AT3G58680.13kxa_A [65]Neisseria gonorrhoeae NGO04770.83
2jvl_A [66]Trichoderma reesei multiprotein bridging factor 1

AT5G18380.13u5c_Q [63]Eukaryotic ribosome0.02

AT5G44120.13kgl_A [67]Brassica napus 11S globulin, procruciferin−2.32

AT5G46430.24a17_X [62]Tetrahymena thermophilia 60S ribosomal subunit−0.77