Table 3: Results of anti-angiogenic therapy combined with chemotherapy for different periods and dosage.

PeriodTotal time of treatmentTumor value after periodic treatment with dose of cytostatics inhibitors 1 mg kg−1 day−1
Anti-angiogenic agents dose 2 mg kg−1 day−1Anti-angiogenic agents dose 20 mg kg−1 day−1

2 days50 days3525.1 mm31179.8 mm3
3 days48 days3402.4 mm31265.1 mm3
4 days48 days3267.5 mm31306.9 mm3
5 days50 days3121.1 mm31315.0 mm3
6 days48 days3019.0 mm31337.2 mm3
7 days49 days2891.9 mm31334.3 mm3
8 days48 days2781.7 mm31338.4 mm3
9 days45 days2689.0 mm31351.5 mm3
10 days50 days2576.8 mm31312.2 mm3
11 days44 days2492.2 mm31339.6 mm3
12 days48 days2400.3 mm31301.4 mm3
13 days39 days2333.0 mm31360.0 mm3
14 days42 days2241.6 mm31318.6 mm3