Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine / 2013 / Article / Fig 6

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Using State Variables to Model the Response of Tumour Cells to Radiation and Heat: A Novel Multi-Hit-Repair Approach

Figure 6

Effect of cutoff of the population chain at different dose rates . In the left diagram, factors between -values for a specific and log-values are shown. These values exhibit a nonlinear dose rate dependence but are nearly independent of the cumulative dose for a specific fractionation scheme (2 Gy fractions according to Figure 5). The situation becomes different for larger doses per fraction (example in the Figure 8 Gy fractions). Due to the high dose rate and the low -value (1.45 h−1), the dose equivalent does not reach a steady state and rises up to approximately 8 Gy (7.83 Gy). This leads to a higher repair rate and therefore to a slightly higher influence of the populations with . In the right diagram, the differences of the -values are given. This quantity is dependent of the cumulative dose (in this figure applied in fractions of 2 Gy) and can be approximated by an exponential function (for the discrete values of ).