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Cell Pluripotency Levels Associated with Imprinted Genes in Human

Figure 1

miRNAs expression profiles in different cells. (a) Significance analysis of microarray (SAM) plot of differentially expressed miRNA in hESCs (12), NHDF (3), and hiPSCs (15). The central solid line indicates equal expression and the upper and lower dashed lines indicate levels for significantly altered expression where FDR is 0%. (b) Venn diagram of differentially expressed miRNAs from pairwise comparisons, respectively. miRNA groups are coloured according to different comparison (green = ESC versus iPS; red = NHDF versus iPS; blue = ESC versus NHDF). (c) Heatmap showing hierarchical clustering of significantly regulated microRNA from iPS and ESCs compared with NHDFs. Blue indicates low expression and red indicates high expression.