Table 2: Morphometric parameters of the human mandible.

Morphometric parametersDefinition

Gnathion-interdental distance (Gn-IdD)Direct distance from infradentale (idD) to gnathion (Gn).
Bigonial width (Go-GoD)Direct distance between right and left gonion (Go).
Bicondylar breadth (Ko-KoD)Direct distance between the most lateral points on the two condyles.
Height of the mandibular body (VTM)Direct distance from the alveolar process to the inferior border of the mandible perpendicular to the base at the level of the mental foramen.
Breadth of the mandibular body (STM)Maximum breadth measured in the region of the mental foramen perpendicular to the long axis of the mandibular body.
Mandibular length (DTM)Distance of the anterior margin of the chin from a center point on the protected straight line placed along the posterior border of the two mandibular angles.
Minimum ramus breadth (MSR)Least breadth of the mandibular ramus measured perpendicular to the height of the ramus.
Maximum ramus height (MVR)Direct distance from the highest point on the mandibular condyle to gonion (Go).
Height of the condyles (VKo) Distance between Kon and axis of the lowest point of mandibular cut perpendicular to MVR.
Gnathion-condylar distance (Gn-KoD)Distance between Gn and Kon.