Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine / 2015 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Binary Matrix Shuffling Filter for Feature Selection in Neuronal Morphology Classification

Table 3

Summary of selected features.

Feature selection
Number of
Selected features

SVM-RFEI10SS, HT, DR, Bpl, NH, Btr, Bal, Su, SA, Lpd
II13HT, RP, SS, Ta1, Btr, BO, Dp, Di, Td, Fr, DR, Bar, NH
III12HT, FD, SS, DR, Btr, Dp, Di, Fr, BO, Td, Su, Ty
IV14HT, RP, SS, Ta2, Btr, Di, Dp, Fr, BO, Td, SA, Vo, Ta1, TS
V15HT, Lpd, SS, Bpl, Btr, Bal, NH, Ta1, Su, Di, SA, Vo, Fr, Ta2, Ty

Rough setI13, Co, NW, SS, NH, Ty, RP, HT, He, FD, ND, Pa, Btr
II13, Co, NW, SS, NH, Ty, RP, HT, He, ND, Pa, FD, Btl
III11, RP, NW, Ty, NH, SS, Pa, He, HT, ND, FD
IV13, Pa, NW, SS, NH, Ty, RP, ND, HT, He, Btl, SA, FD
V13, Pa, NW, SS, Ty, NH, RP, He, HT, ND, Btr, SA, FD

BMSFI8, RP, NW, PDR, HT, Bar, SS, Ta2
II6, Btol, NW, HT, Bar, Ta2
III8, Pa, NW, HT, Bar, Ta2, Bal, Lpd
IV7, Lpd, NW, Pa, PDR, Ta2, HT
V8, Btr, NW, HT, Bar, Ta2, PDR, SA