Research Article

Transitioning to a Data Driven Mental Health Practice: Collaborative Expert Sessions for Knowledge and Hypothesis Finding

Table 5

Five of the hypotheses for further research selected by domain experts, in random order. Note that these hypotheses have some basis in data but need further research to turn into results. The second and fifth hypothesis are visualized in Figures 7 and 8.

Hypothesis Theme

There exists a positive relation between season of admission and length of admission (longer admissions during winter) Admission
A peak in aggression incidents occurs on the fifth day of admission (Figure 7) Aggression
There exists a relation between aggression incidents and wearing of medication effects in patients diagnosed with ADHD Aggression, medication
There is an absence of a relation between amount of green space in patient environment and likelihood of developing a disorder Context factors
There is a negative relation between economic status of living environment and length of admission (Figure 8) Admission, context factors