Research Article

[Retracted] lncRNA-SNHG14 Promotes Atherosclerosis by Regulating RORα Expression through Sponge miR-19a-3p

Figure 1

Expression of lncRNA-SNHG14 in atherosclerotic plaques. (a) Expression of lncRNA-SNHG14 in mouse atherosclerotic plaques. WT: 5 normal C57BL/6 mice; ApoE-/-: 5 ApoE-/- knockout mice, . (b) Detection of lncRNA-SNHG14 expression in RAW264.7/HA-VSMC cells. Cntl-siRNA was the irrelevant sequence siRNA control transfection group, si-mlncRNA-SNHG14 was the siRNA transfection group for mouse lncRNA-SNHG14, si-hlncRNA-SNHG14 was the siRNA transfection group for human lncRNA-SNHG14, .