Research Article

[Retracted] lncRNA-SNHG14 Promotes Atherosclerosis by Regulating RORα Expression through Sponge miR-19a-3p

Figure 3

Interaction between lncRNA-SNHG14 and miR-19a-3p. (a) Targeted binding between LncRNA SNHG14 and miR-19a-3p. (b). Left: the expression result of miR-19a-3p when overexpressing LncRNASNHG14; Right: the expression result of lncRNASNHG14 when overexpressing miR-19a-3p; , . (c) Analysis results of fluorescence data after cotransfection of mimic with dual luciferase plasmid; (d) RNA pull-down validates the binding of miR-19a-3p to lncRNA SNHG14; , .