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Development and Validation of Prediction Model for High Ovarian Response in In Vitro Fertilization-Embryo Transfer: A Longitudinal Study

Table 3

Univariate analysis for the potential predictors of high ovarian response in IVF-ET.

Variables, (%)S.EWaldOR95% CI

Smoking history
 Active smoking0.4550.9210.2440.6211.5760.2599.576
 Passive smoking0.2170.3130.4780.4891.2420.6722.294
Type of infertility
Pregnancy history
Age at menarche-0.1150.0921.5720.2100.8910.7451.067
Mean menstrual cycle0.1720.0578.9180.0031.1871.0611.329
Duration of infertility0.0560.0471.3900.2381.0570.9641.159
LH at MC30.0100.0250.1670.6831.0100.9621.061
E2 at MC3-0.0020.0040.3670.5450.9980.9911.005
P at MC30.1430.1211.3890.2381.1540.9091.464
FSH at MC3-0.1510.0675.1390.0230.8590.7540.980
AMH at MC31.2070.12889.114<0.0013.3452.6034.298
Endometrial thickness at MC30.0420.0520.6370.4251.0430.9411.155
Dosing days of Gn0.0360.0420.7290.3931.0360.9551.125
Initial dose of Gn-0.0060.0028.6750.0030.9940.9900.998
Total dose of Gn-0.0000.0004.5130.0341.0000.9991.000
Endometrial thickness on HCG day0.0790.0482.7740.0961.0830.9861.189
LH on HCG day-0.1990.0776.7430.0090.8200.7050.952
E2 on HCG day0.0010.00056.290<0.0011.0011.0001.001
P on HCG day0.6790.19711.898<0.0011.9711.3402.898
FSH on HCG day0.0180.0190.9110.3401.0180.9811.057

BMI: body mass index; AFC: antral follicle count; MC3: menstrual cycle day 3; LH: luteinizing hormone; E2: estradiol; P: progesterone; FSH: follicle-stimulating hormone; AMH: anti-Müllerian hormone; HCG: human chorionic gonadotropin; Gn: gonadotropin; S.E: standard error; OR: odds ratio; CI: confidence interval.

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