Table 2: The results by SPCA method.

SNPsrs10046, rs10505477, rs1152579, rs1229984, rs1255998, rs1256030, rs1256049, rs1271572, rs12953717, rs1329149, rs16941669, rs17033, rs1801132, rs2075633, rs2077647, rs3798758, rs3820033, rs4767939, rs4767944, rs4939827, rs676387, rs6905370, rs6983267, rs7296651, rs7837688, rs827421, rs886205, rs928554, rs9322354, rs9340799

Demographic characteristicsCholesterol, blood triglyceride, psychological trauma, depression, age, exercise, BMI, physical activity, activity, marriage status, emotion status

LifestylesSmoking, drinking, coffee consumption, drinking and smoking in the same time point, tea consumption

FoodsGrains, melons, bean products, roots, vegetables, fruits, eggs and milk, mushrooms, oil, seasoning, meat, seafood, pickles