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Research Article

Spread the Joy: How High and Low Bias for Happy Facial Emotions Translate into Different Daily Life Affect Dynamics

Table 2

General demographics and anhedonia status.

High happy bias group ()Low happy bias group ()
Mean (SD)/count (%)Mean (SD)/count (%)

Age21.64 (1.77)20.69 (2.05)
Females20 (80%)22 (88%)
University education13 (52%)18 (72%)
Higher vocational education12 (48%)7 (28%)
Anhedonica8 (32%)13 (52%)
Controla17 (68%)10 (40%)
Switchera0 (0%)2 (8%)

aParticipants were classified as anhedonic or control if they met all criteria at T0 and did not change in pleasure levels from one group to the other at either T1 or T2. Otherwise, they were classified as switcher.