Table 1: Material attributes and sectional characteristics of the structural elements.

Parameter1st- and 2nd-row concrete supports3rd- and 4th-row steel supportsTension piles at the bottom of the pitLattice columnsTie-rodsUnits

Elastic modulus32500206,00030000206000206000MPa
Poisson’s ratio0.
Moment of inertia in the -axis, 0.04270.001310.1020.002990.00035m4
Moment of inertia in the -axis, 0.06670.001310.1020.000890.0017m4
Polar moment of inertia, 0.10940.002620.2040.003880.00205m4
Cross-sectional area, A0.800.02981.1310.06360.0168m2