Table 1: Mapping of synonyms for architectural engineering.

The group of words with the same meaningNormalization

Mutual anchoring length; anchorage length; bending anchor length; elbow length; hook lengthAnchorage length
Concrete; concrete; commercial concreteConcrete
Standard curing chamber; concrete curing roomStandard curing chamber
Aseismic reinforcement; rebar with EAseismic reinforcement
Design alteration; altered design; changeDesign alteration
Treatment of general quality diseases; requirements for prevention and treatment of general quality diseases; prevention and control measures for general quality diseases of residential engineeringPrevention and control measures of general quality diseases
Levelness; planenessPlaneness
Out of plumb; unstraight; not squareOut of plumb
Acceptance specification; acceptance specification of quality; acceptance specification of construction qualityAcceptance specification of construction quality