Review Article

Emerging Risk Management in Industry 4.0: An Approach to Improve Organizational and Human Performance in the Complex Systems

Table 5

Possible combinations between the Ci conditions and the risk components (model (8)) that can form a NER: NR and/or IR (adapted from [17]).

ConditionsRisk Components (model 8)
Source of Risk (SR)Causes

NEWC1: New technological or organizational variable(SR,C1)(C,C1)
C2: New social perception(SR,C2)(C,C2)(E,C2)(CO,C2)
C3: New scientific knowledge(SR,C3)(C,C3)(E,C3)(CO,C3)
INCREASINGC4: Increase in the number of sources of risk(SR,C4)
C5: Increase in the likelihood of exposure(L,C5)
C6: Increase health consequences(CO,C6)