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Public Procurement Announcements in Spain: Regulations, Data Analysis, and Award Price Estimator Using Machine Learning

Table 3

Quantitative description of the dataset.


General valuesTotal number of tenders in the dataset58,337
Temporal range of tenders2012/01/01–2018/12/28
Total number of tendering organisations3,544
Total number of winning/award companies17,305
Mean number of offers received per tender4.55
Mean duration of tender’s works382.21 days

Dataset’s variablesInput variables of tender’s notice: Procedure_code, Urgency_code, Type_code, Subtype_code, Result_code, Name_Organisation, Postalzone, Postalzone_CCAA, Postalzone_Province, Postalzone_Municipality, Tender_Price, CPV, CPV_Aggregated, Duration, and Date15 input variables (description in Table 2)
Output variables of tender’s resolution: Award_Price, Winner_Province, CIF_Winner, and Received_Offers4 output variables (description in Table 2)

Tender price (taxes included)Mean tender price€538,707.39
Median tender price€86,715.00
Maximum tender price€3,196,970,000
Aggregated tender price of all tenders€31,426,572,936

Award price (taxes included)Mean award price€402,894.91
Median award price€71,818.00
Maximum award price€786,472,000
Aggregated award price of all tenders€23,503,680,419

Number of tenders by CPVTenders with CPV = 45: construction work12,166 (20.85%)
Tenders with CPV = 50: repair and maintenance services5,174 (8.87%)
Tenders with CPV = 79: business services (law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing, and security)3,992 (6.84%)
Tenders with CPV = 72: IT services (consulting, software development, Internet, and support)3,725 (6.39%)
Tenders with CPV = 34: transport equipment and auxiliary products to transportation3,264 (5.60%)

Number of tenders by type codeTenders with Type_code = 1: goods/supplies17,876 (30.64%)
Tenders with Type_code = 2: services28,363 (48.62%)
Tenders with Type_code = 3: works12,008 (20.58%)