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Public Procurement Announcements in Spain: Regulations, Data Analysis, and Award Price Estimator Using Machine Learning

Table 7

European countries’ dataset: quantitative description.


General valuesTotal number of tenders in the dataset41,556
Number of tenders by country: France (FR), Croatia (HR), Slovenia (SI), Bulgaria (BG), Germany (DE), Italy (IT), Hungary (HU), and Latvia (LV)12,449 (FR); 7,910 (HR); 6,473 (SI); 6,096 (BG); 3,918 (DE); 3,782 (IT); 3,724 (HU); 1,736 (LV)
Temporal range of tenders2016/12/22–2017/12/29
Total number of tendering organisations6,163
Total number of winning/award companies19,100
Mean received offers by tender5.02

Dataset’s variablesInput variables of tender’s notice: Date, Name_Organisation, Postalzone, ISO_country_code, Main_activity, Type_code, CPV, CPV_Aggregated, Tender_Price, and Procedure_code10 input variables
Output variables of tender’s resolution: Award_Price1 output variable

Prices (without taxes)Median tender price€425,000.00
Median award price€394,951.26

Number of tenders by CPVTenders with CPV = 33: medical equipments, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products10,927 (26.29%)
Tenders with CPV = 15: food, beverages, tobacco, and related products4,363 (10.50%)
Tenders with CPV = 45: construction work4,053 (9.75%)
Tenders with CPV = 71: architectural, construction, engineering, and inspection services1,973 (4.75%)
Tenders with CPV = 34: transport equipment and auxiliary products to transportation1,893 (4.56%)

Number of tenders by type codeTenders with Type_code = 1: goods/supplies24,593 (59.18%)
Tenders with Type_code = 2: services12,849 (30.92%)
Tenders with Type_code = 3: works4,114 (9.90%)