Table 2: Details of corticosteroids regimen (day since exposure to smoke, drug and route of administration, frequency and strength, and total number of doses).

DayDrug and routeFrequency/strengthTotal doses

1Methylprednisolone IV125 mg1

2-3Prednisone oral60 mg2

3–6Methylprednisolone IV125 mg1
62.5 mg every 6 H10
50 mg every 8 H3

7–12Hydrocortisone IV100 mg every 12 H3
50 mg every 12 H14

13–21Methylprednisolone IV125 mg every 6 H12
40 mg every 6 H12
40 mg every 8 H03
40 mg every 12 H05
30 mg01

28–42Prednisone oral40 mg daily7
30 mg daily4
20 mg daily3

IV: intravenous, H: hours, day since exposure to smoke.