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Case Report

A Peripheral Ameloblastic Fibro-Odontoma in a 3-Year-Old Girl: Case Report, Immunohistochemical Analysis, and Literature Review

Table 1

Reported cases of peripheral ameloblastic fibroma (AF), ameloblastic fibrodentinoma (AFD), and ameloblastic fibro-odontoma (AFO).

Author/year [reference]Gender/ageLocalizationClinical diagnosisPathological diagnosis

Kusama et al./1998 [5]Female/40 years oldBuccal gingiva of lower right premolarsFibrous epulisAF
Abughazaleh et al./2008 [6]Female/3 years oldLabial gingiva on upper right primary lateral incisorPyogenic granulomaAF
Mckelvy and Cherrick/1976 [15]Male/17 years oldInterdental gingiva between lower left two premolarsNot describedAFD
Godjesk et al./1980 [16]Male/3 years oldLingual gingiva between lower primary left lateral incisor and canineNot describedAFD
Chen et al./2006 [17]Female/2.5 years oldLabial gingiva between upper primary central incisorsBenign tumor of soft tissue originAFD
Minamizato et al./2014 [18]Female/51 years oldUpper left interdental papilla between second premolar and first molarBenign tumor of gingivaAFD
Reibel et al./2011 [19]Female/8 years oldPalatal gingiva between upper right central and lateral incisorsNot describedAFO
This case/2014Female/3 years oldFacial gingiva of primary upper right central incisorPyogenic granulomaAFO