Case Reports in Dentistry / 2014 / Article / Fig 3

Case Report

Endoscopic Removal of a Supernumerary Premolar in the Mandible during a Dental Implant Placement

Figure 3

Schematic diagram of supernumerary tooth removal with endoscopic approach. (a) Support endoscopy (SE), an endoscope of 2.7 mm diameter and a 30-degree view angle, with support and irrigation, was used for drilling of the tooth. (b) Immersion endoscopy (IE), an endoscope of 1.9 mm diameter, with 30- and 70-degree view angles and continuous irrigation via the support sheath, was used, which permits either short distance observation or up to 40x visualization when there is direct contact with the site by saline solution. (c) Complete elimination of the tooth structure without affecting the bone wall. The bone defect created was inspected with SE. No communication with the implant and buccal bony wall fully retained was observed.