Table 1: Clinical and radiological data of GOC in dentigerous relationship.

YearAuthorNumber of casesAge/genderSiteClinical presentationRadiologic featuresTreatmentFollow-up (year)

2019Ferreira et al. (our case)136/MMandibular right third molarAsymptomaticUnilocular radiolucencyEnucleation/peripheral osteotomy1
2015Momeni Roochi et al. [23]162/MMandibular right canine impactedSwellingUnilocular radiolucencyEnucleation3
2012Cano et al. [18]154/MMandibular right third molar (ramus/body)SwellingMultilocular radiolucent, large and well-definedEnucleation and curettage, reconstruction3
2011Fowler et al. [17]8NSNSNSNSNSNS
2009Krishnamurthy et al. [19]121/MMandibular left third molarSwellingMultilocular radiolucencyEn bloc resection2
2006Kasaboglu et al. [24]145/MMandibular left canineSwelling and numbnessUnilocular radiolucency with a well-defined borderEnucleation0.5
2006Shen et al. [25]2Case 1: 40/M; case 2: NSCase 1: maxillary tooth-like structures; case 2: NSCase 1: NS; case 2: NSCase 1: unilocular radiolucency; case 2: NSCase 1: NS; case 2: NSNS
2006Yoon et al. [20]166/FMandibular right third molarSwelling and painfulUnilocular radiolucency, thin sclerotic margin, root resorptionEnucleation1
2005Qin et al. [26]5Case 1: 28/M; case 2: 40/M; case 3: 25/M; case 4: 22/M; case 5: 52/FCase 1: maxilla L (21-27); case 2: maxilla R (11-16); case 3: maxilla R (13-16); case 4: maxilla L (21-23); case 5: maxilla (16-25)Case 1: NS; case 2: NS; case 3: NS; case 4: NS; case 5: NSCase 1: Unilocular radiolucency; case 2: unilocular radiolucency, irregular borders; case 3: unilocular radiolucency, irregular borders; case 4: unilocular radiolucency; case 5: multilocular radiolucencyCase 1: curettage; case 2: curettage; case 3: curettage; case 4: curettage; case 5: curettageNS
2005Kaplan et al. [21, 22]149/MMandibular left third molarSwelling and painlessUnilocular radiolucencyEnucleation, peripheral ostectomy, reconstruction with iliac crest & alloplast bone graft4
1996Ide et al. [27]154/FMandibular right canineAsymptomaticUnilocular radiolucent definite contained the crown of the horizontally impacted right canineEnucleation1

Legend: NS: not specified; M: male; F: female; L: left; R: right. Case 2 shown in the work of Shen et al. [25].