Case Report

Multifunctional Templates for Minimized Osteotomy, Implantation, and Palatal Distraction with a Mini-Screw-Assisted Expander in Schizodontism and Maxillary Deficit

Table 1

Orthodontic terms.


Skeletal analyses
SNASNA angle
SNBSNB angle
ANBANB angle
A-NPogSkeletal profile convexity
WITSWITS appraisal
A-NPogDistance from A to the facial plane
B-NPDistance from B to the facial plane
NBaPtGFacial axis angle
NPogPOrFacial plane angle
MeGoPOrMandibular plane angle
ML-NSLInclination of the mandibular plane to the skull base
S-Go/N-Me %Ratio between anterior and posterior face height
arGoMeGonial angle
SumBjörk sum angle
SpaXiPmLower face height angle
ML-NLAngle between the maxilla and the mandibular plane
SpaSppPOrPalatal plane to FH plane (Frankfort horizontal)
NL-NSLInclination of the maxilla to the skull base
OcP-NLAngle between occlusal plane and maxilla
Dental analysis
IIInterincisal angle
OK1 to SNInclination of the upper central to sella-nasion-line
OK1 to A-PogDistance from the upper central incisor to A-Pog-line
OK1 to A-Pog angleAngle between the upper central incisor and A-Pog-line
UK1 to A-PogDistance from the lower central incisor to A-Pog-line
UK1 to A-Pog angleAngle between the lower central incisor and A-Pog-line
UK1 to Go-MeAngle between the lower central incisor and mandibular plane
OK6 to PTVDistance from the upper first molar to PTV
OK1 to occlusal planeDistance from the upper central incisor to the occlusal plane
Lower lip to E-planeDistance from the lower lip to the aesthetic line
Gl-Sn/Sn-MeAngle between glabella-subnasale line and subnasale-menton line
Sn-Sto/Sto-MeAngle between subnasale-stomion line and stomion-menton line
Sn-Li/Li-MeAngle between subnasale-lower lip line and lower lip-menton line
GI-Sn-PogProfile angle
Cotg-Sn-LsNasolabial angle