Case Reports in Dermatological Medicine / 2014 / Article / Tab 1

Case Report

Familial Kaposi’s Sarcoma: A Report of Five Cases from Greece

Table 1

Characteristics of the patients with KS.

Family RelationshipAge at the time of diagnosisAge of onsetType of KSLocation of the lesionDuration
Extracutaneous involvementRisk factorsTreatment

1Father7860Reddish-brown macules and reddish-violaceous infiltrated plaquesRight thigh, calves, feet (including the toes), and hands18NoneDiabetes mellitus type IIInterferon A-2a sc
Son3633Reddish-purple macules and irregular plaquesThighs, knees, left forearm, the area of the right achilles tendon, and the middle finger of the left hand3NoneNoneGel alitretinoin 0.1%

2Mother7271Reddish-violaceous papules, nodules, and infiltrated plaquesChest, abdomen, back, and both arms and legs1NoneNoneInterferon A-2a sc
Son5151Reddish-brown papules and nodulesAbdominal area, right chest wall, left buttock, both thighs, both the medial malleoli areas, and the toes of both feet1NoneDiabetes mellitus type IIGel alitretinoin 0.1%, doxorubicin pegylated 20 mg/m2

3Sister7269Reddish-violaceous papules and nodulesRight lateral, medial malleolus area3NoneNoneRadiotherapy
Sister5151Reddish-purple nodules and infiltrating plaquesBoth hands, knees, calves, and feet3 monthsNoneNoneGel alitretinoin 0.1%

4Brother6565Reddish-purple macules and irregular plaquesBoth thighs, knees, and the right forearm8 monthsNoneNoneCryosurgery, gel alitretinoin 0.1%
Brother7979Reddish-purple maculesLower extremities7 monthsNoneDiabetes mellitus type II, hypertensionInterferon A-2a sc

5Father7573Reddish-purple macules and irregular plaquesBoth legs2NoneDiabetes mellitus type IIGel alitretinoin 0.1%
Son5757Reddish-purple nodules and infiltrating plaquesLeft hand and knees3 monthsNoneNoneCryosurgery