Case Report

The Successful Treatment of a Case of Linear Psoriasis with Ixekizumab

Table 1

Summary of reported cases of linear psoriasis treated with a biological agent.

Authors (year)GenderAgeDistribution of linear psoriasis (LP)Other featuresBiological agent used and outcome

Colombo et al. (2011) [3]Male67 yearsMiddle of ventral trunk and left side of arm, hand, thigh, knee, and tibiaPsoriatic arthritis and diffuse plaque psoriasis. Failed to respond to acitretin, cyclosporine, and methotrexatePlaque psoriasis responded to etanercept but not LP

Rott et al. (2007) [10]Male11 yearsLeft side of the bodyPsoriatic arthritis, nail changes. Failed methotrexate, cyclosporine and etanerceptPsoriatic arthritis responded to infliximab but not LP

Sfia et al. (2009) [11]Male29 yearsLeft arm and left legAdditional psoriatic plaques on the bodyPsoriatic plaques responded to infliximab but not LP

Arnold et al. (2010) [12]Male50 yearsLeft flankDiffuse plaque psoriasis. Failed to respond to topical steroids, PUVA, UVB, cyclosporine, and etanerceptPlaque psoriasis responded to adalimumab but not LP

Weng and Tsai (2017) [13]Male27 yearsRight upper arm, shoulder, and backIn addition to plaque psoriasis. Failed to respond to methotrexate, acitretin, topical vitamin D3 analogs and steroidsPlaque psoriasis responded to ustekinumab but not LP

Ghoneim et al. (2017)Female25 yearsDorsum of right hand, forearm and arm, and suprapubic region, left thigh and occiputFailed topical high-potency steroidsLinear psoriasis responded favorably to 8 doses of ixekizumab