Table 1: Sarcoidal-type granulomatous reaction due to immune checkpoint inhibitors (anti-CTLA-4 and anti PD-1 antibodies), affecting skin, with and without other organ systems.

CaseAgeSexPrimary diseaseClinical manifestationICI therapy

1Suozzi, 2016 [9]60FLung AdenocarcinomaCutaneous onlyIpilimumab & Nivolumab

2Ogawa, 2018 [10]63FLung AdenocarcinomaCutaneous onlyNivolumab

3Birnbaum, 2017 [11]56FMelanomaCutaneous onlyNivolumab

4Dimitriou, 2018 [12]72MMelanomaCutaneous onlyPembrolizumab

5Tetzlaff, 2017 [2]57FOvarian CancerSubcutaneous only (bilateral lower extremities, forearms)Ipilimumab & Nivolumab

6Tetzlaff, 2017 [2]39FMelanomaSubcutaneous only (bilateral lower extremities & buttocks)Ipilimumab & Nivolumab

7Current Report, 201949FRenal Cell CarcinomaCutaneous only (left forearm and elbow)Ipilimumab & Nivolumab

8Current Report, 201958MMelanomaCutaneous only (black tattoo on chest, shoulders, back, forearm, thigh)Ipilimumab

9Kim, 2016 [14]52MUrothelial CarcinomaCutaneous (tattoo & face), Hilar Lymph Nodes (LN)Ipilimumab & Nivolumab

10Cotliar, 2016 [16]72FHodgkin LymphomaSubcutaneous (bilateral arms), Pulmonary, Hilar LN, BonePembrolizumab

11Tetzlaff, 2018 [13]44FMelanomaSubcutaneous (peripatellar), Hilar LNIpilimumab

12Tetzlaff, 2018 [13]79MMelanomaCutaneous (bilateral forearms, elbows, hands), Hilar LNPembrolizumab & Nivolumab

13Le Burel, 2017 [17]71FMelanomaCutaneous, Pulmonary ParenchymaNivolumab

14Lomax, 2017 [18]75FMelanomaCutaneous, PulmonaryNivolumab

15Oommen, 2017 [19]54MMelanomaCutaneous, PulmonaryIpilimumab

16Reddy, 2017 [20]57FMelanomaCutaneous, PulmonaryIpilimumab

17Reddy, 2017 [20]55FMelanomaCutaneous, PulmonaryIpilimumab & Nivolumab

18Toumeh, 2016 [21]26FMelanomaCutaneous, PulmonaryIpilimumab

19Yatim, 2018 [22]72FMelanomaSubcutaneous (left flank, right leg, scar), Pulmonary, hilar LN, EyePembrolizumab

20Firwana, 2017 [23]37FMelanomaCutaneous (right forearm, bilateral shins), Hilar LN & other LNIpilimumab & Pembrolizumab

21Firwana, 2017 [23]57FMelanomaCutaneous (bilateral lower extremities), Hilar LNIpilimumab

22Danlos, 2016 [24]57MMelanomaCutaneous (lip, scar), Hilar and Mediastinal LNNivolumab

23Martinez, 2016 [25]46FMelanomaCutaneous, PulmonaryIpilimumab

24Tissot, 2013 [26]57MMelanomaCutaneous (elbow, arm), Pulmonary, Hilar LNIpilimumab

25Eckert, 2009 [8]67FMelanomaCutaneous, PulmonaryIpilimumab

26Reule, 2013 [27]55MMelanomaCutaneous (finger, forearm, knee), Pulmonary, Hilar LNIpilimumab

27Lomax, 2017 [18]57FMelanomaSubcutaneous & Cutaneous (elbows, wrists, thighs), Pulmonary, Hilar LNPembrolizumab

28McKenna, 2018 [28]69FMelanomaCutaneous, PulmonaryNivolumab

29Jespersen, 2018 [29]57FMelanomaCutaneous, Pulmonary, BonePembrolizumab

30Dimitriou, 2018 [12]65MMelanomaCutaneous (elbow), Hilar LNPembrolizumab

31Dimitriou, 2018 [12]57MMelanomaCutaneous (scar), Hilar LN, ThyroidIpilimumab & Nivolumab

32Burillo-Martinez, 2017 [30]69FMelanomaSubcutaneous (forearms, legs, blue nevus), Hilar LNPembrolizumab

33Paolini, 2018 [31]56FNon-small Cell Lung CancerCutaneous, PulmonaryNivolumab

34Wilgenhof, 2012 [32]37MMelanomaCutaneous, Pulmonary, Lymph Nodes, SpleenIpilimumab

35Lomax, 2017 [18]44MMelanomaCutaneous (elbow and occipital region), Pulmonary, Hilar and Mediastinal LN, ColitisNivolumab

36Lomax, 2017 [18] 65FMelanomaCutaneous (face, knees), Thyroiditis, Pulmonary, Hilar LNPembrolizumab