Case Report

Complete Heart Block in Thyrotoxicosis, Is It a Manifestation of Thyroid Storm? A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Table 1

Results of blood investigations done during patient’s admission.

Laboratory investigationValueReference range

White cell count9.9 × 1093.6–9.6 × 109/L
Hemoglobin11.4 g/dL12–14.5 g/dL
Platelets431 × 109140–440 × 109/L
Random blood sugar7.1 mmol/L3.6–8.9 mmol/L
Urea3.6 mmol/L3–7 umol/L
Creatinine57 umol/L53–118 umol/L
Calcium2.44 mmol/L2.13–2.63 mmol/L
Magnesium0.79 mmol/L0.74–1 mmol/L
Phosphorous1.0 mmol/L0.8–1.4 mmol/L
Sodium135 mmol/L140–148 mmol/L
Chloride101 mmol/L100–107 mmol/L
Potassium4.8 mmol/L3.6–5.2 mmol/L
Bicarbonate23 mmol/L21–30 mmol/L
Creatinine kinase21 mmol/L<67 u/L
Albumin32 g/L38–50 g/L
Globulin50 g/L15–30 g/L
Total bilirubin56 umol/L<18 umol/L
Alkaline phosphatase102 u/L 50–135 u/L
Alanine aminotransferase57 u/L30–65 u/L
g-glutamyltransferase32 u/L5–85 u/L
ESR600–20 mm/hr
Thyroid stimulation hormone0.0 uIU/mL0.25–5 uu/mL
Free T323.0 pmol/L2.5–7.8 pmol/L
Free T494.6 pmol/L6–24.5 pmol/L
Thyroglobulin16.3 ug/L3–42 ug/L