Case Report

Pituitary Apoplexy Associated with Endocrine Stimulation Test: Endocrine Stimulation Test, Treatment, and Outcome

Figure 1

Case 1. CT scan performed 1 hr after onset demonstrates intratumoral hemorrhage (a), T1-weighted MRI showing a pituitary tumor extending into the suprasellar cistern (b), after onset gadolinium enhanced coronal T1-weighted MRI showing no enhancement of the pituitary tumor (c), T2-weighted MRI showing a pituitary tumor with a low-signal-intensity rim. This finding was suggestive of pituitary apoplexy (d), Specimen stained with hematoxylin and eosin. Hemorrhage and necrosis on the right side of the picture and area of nonnecrotic papillary-patterned tumor tissue on the left (e).