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Case Report

Pituitary Apoplexy Associated with Endocrine Stimulation Test: Endocrine Stimulation Test, Treatment, and Outcome

Table 1

(a) Reported cases of pituitary apoplexy associated with endocrine stimulation test: diagnosis, extension, and stimulation test

Case no.AuthorYearAge/sexDiagnosisExtensionStimulation test

1Dunn et al.197522/FGH secretingUncertainTRH, glucose, insulin
2Silverman et al.197831/MPRL secretingExtrasellar extensionChlorpromazine
3Jordan et al.197921/FACTH secretingUncertainDexamethasone
4Cimino et al.198148/MNonfunctioningExtrasellar extensionTRH, LH-RH
5Drury et al.198259/FNonfunctioningExtrasellar extensionTRH, LH-RH, glucagon
6 Drury et al. 198266/MGH secretingIntrasellarTRH
7 Drury et al. 198239/FPRL secretingExtrasellar extensionTRH, LH-RH
8 Drury et al. 198228/MPRL secretingExtrasellar extensionTRH, LH-RH
9Bernstein et al.198448/MNonfunctioningExtrasellar extensionTRH, LH-RH, insulin
10 Korsic 199456/MFSH secretingExtrasellar extensionLH-RH
11Chapman et al. 197939/FPRL secretingExtrasellar extensionTRH, LH-RH, insulin
12Lever et al.198619/FGH secretingIntrasellarTRH
13Shirataki et al.198850/FGH secretingExtrasellar extensionBromocriptine
14Harvey et al.198950/MNonfunctioningUncertainInsulin
15Arafah et al. 199041/FPRL secretingExtrasellar extensionLH-RH
16Masson et al.199354/FFSH secretingExtrasellar extensionLH-RH
17Okuda et al.199460/FNonfunctioningExtrasellar extensionTRH, LH-RH, insulin
18Vassallo et al.199481/MNonfunctioningUncertainTRH, LH-RH, L-Dopa
19Masago et al.199548/MFSH secretingExtrasellar extensionTRH, LH-RH, insulin
20 Masago et al. 199554/MNonfunctioningExtrasellar extensionTRH, LH-RH
21Szabolcs et al.199754/MNonfunctioningExtrasellar extensionTRH
22Otsuka et al.199831/FGH secretingExtrasellar extensionGRF, TRH, LH-RH, CRH
23Dökmetaş et al.199928/FGH secretingExtrasellar extensionTRH
24Sanno et al.199955/MNonfunctioningExtrasellar extensionGRF, TRH, LH-RH, CRH
25Lee et al.200034/MGH secretingExtrasellar extensionTRH, LH-RH, insulin
26Riedl et al.200071/FNonfunctioningExtrasellar extensionGRF, TRH, LH-RH, CRH
27Matsuura et al.200163/MNonfunctioningExtrasellar extensionTRH, LH-RH, insulin
28Rotman et al.200319/FACTH secretingExtrasellar extensionCRH
29Yoshino et al.200736/MNonfunctioningExtrasellar extensionTRH, LH-RH, insulin
30 Yoshino et al. 200738/MNonfunctioningExtrasellar extensionTRH, insulin
31Wang et al.200741/FGH secretingExtrasellar extensionTRH, LH-RH, insulin, L-Dopa
32Kılıçlı et al.201052/MNonfunctioningExtrasellar extensionTRH, LH-RH, insulin
33Our cases201156/FNonfunctioningExtrasellar extensionGRF, TRH, LH-RH, CRH
34 Our cases 201173/MNonfunctioningExtrasellar extensionGHRP2, TRH, LH-RH, CRH

(b) Reported cases of pituitary apoplexy associated with endocrine stimulation test: treatment and outcomes of the 23 cases, for whom detailed treatments and outcomes were available

Case no.TreatmentInterval from onset to surgeryOutcomes

1MedicationGH reduction, DI
3CraniotomyUndocumentedVisual disturbance, hemiparesis, aphasia
9Transsphenoidal surgeryThe same day (8.5 hours)Visual disturbance, hemiparesis, aphasia
11Craniotomy3 days laterRecovered completely
13Transsphenoidal surgery11 days laterRecovered completely
14Transsphenoidal surgeryUndocumentedHypopituitarism
17CraniotomyThe same day and 17 days afterRecovered completely
19CraniotomyThe same day (7 hours)Recovered completely
20Craniotomy5 days laterHypopituitarism
22Transsphenoidal surgery4 days laterHypopituitarism
24Transsphenoidal surgery2 weeks laterHypopituitarism
25Transsphenoidal surgery9 days laterHypopituitarism
26Transsphenoidal surgery2 days laterVisual disturbance, ophthalmoplegia
27Transsphenoidal surgery1 day later (30 hours)Improved to the level of preoperative state
29Transsphenoidal surgeryThe same day and 21 days afterHypopituitarism
30Transsphenoidal surgery7 days laterHypopituitarism
31Transsphenoidal surgery2 days laterOphthalmoplegia
32Transsphenoidal surgeryThe same dayRecovered completely
33Transsphenoidal surgeryThe same dayVisual disturbance
34Transsphenoidal surgeryThe same dayRecovered completely

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