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Case Report

Rhabdomyolysis Induced by Nonstrenuous Exercise in a Patient with Graves’ Disease

Table 1

Cases of rhabdomyolysis associated with hyperthyroidism published in the medical literature.

Case numberAge/sexPast medical historyPresenting symptomsHyperthyroid statePossible triggering factors of rhabdomyolysisComplication/outcomeReference

126/FNAAltered mental statusThyroid stormInfectionAcute renal failure/resolved [2]
250/MGraves’ diseaseAltered mental statusThyroid stormNAAcute renal failure, heart failure, liver failure, DIC/expired[3]
320/MNAWeakness and muscle crampThyrotoxicosisNAResolved [4]
453/FNAAltered mental statusThyroid stormInfectionAcute renal failure/resolved[5]
526/FHypertensionBlurred vision, headacheThyrotoxicosisNAResolved [1]
623/MNAFlank painThyrotoxicosisExerciseResolved[6]
Thigh painThyrotoxicosisExerciseResolvedPresent case