Case Reports in Endocrinology / 2019 / Article / Fig 2

Case Report

Diabetes Mellitus, Extreme Insulin Resistance, and Hypothalamic-Pituitary Langerhans Cells Histiocytosis

Figure 2

Sagittal PET-MRI brain imaging. Sagittal PET-MRI brain imaging with F]FDG at M32 (a, a1, a2) and at M35 (b, b1, b2) of follow-up. Nodular thickening of the floor of the third ventricle and pituitary infundibulum, in hyperintense FLAIR, without F]FDG-uptake, measuring 7 mm in height x 13 mm in the axial plane, without significant enhancement, globally unchanged from the previous MRI. Linear and fine enhancement of the pituitary infundibulum with stable appearance.