Case Reports in Endocrinology / 2019 / Article / Tab 2

Case Report

Diabetes Mellitus, Extreme Insulin Resistance, and Hypothalamic-Pituitary Langerhans Cells Histiocytosis

Table 2

Characteristics and specific organ involvement of cases of diabetes mellitus associated with LCH.

Age at diagnosis of histiocytosis (years)SexDiagnosis of histiocytosisDiabetes insipidusDelay between diagnosis of histiocytosis and diabetesPathophysiology of diabetesDaily insulin needsReference

31MBone biopsy+2 yearsCentral obesity, insulin resistanceNA[11]

60FAutopsy (histiocytes cells in vertebral marrow, pituitary, lung+3 yearsCentral obesity, insulin resistance3300 UI/day[12]

26MAutopsy (histiocytes cells in pancreas)+2 yearsDestruction of pancreatic islets by pancreas infiltration of histiocytosis80UI/day[7]

28FLymph node biopsy+Few monthsCentral obesity, insulin resistanceNA[13]

NAMAutopsy (histiocytes cells in skin, liver, bones)-6 monthsNANA[14]

54Central nervous system, bones+NAGlucocorticoids, overweightNA[15]

60FCentral nervous system, bones+NAOverweightNA[15]

54MGengives+NAGlucocorticoids, overweightNA[15]

45FBones, lung, lymph nodes-NAObesityNA[15]