Case Reports in Emergency Medicine / 2016 / Article / Tab 1

Case Report

Pentobarbital Toxicity after Self-Administration of Euthasol Veterinary Euthanasia Medication

Table 1

Pentobarbital-containing veterinary euthanasia solutions [12].

Pentobarbital-containing veterinary euthanasia solutions
ConcentrationsTrade namesVeterinary uses

Pentobarbital sodium powder392 mg/mL when reconstituted in 250 mLFatal-Plus Powder (Vortech)  
Pentasol Powder (Virbac)
Approved for all warm-blooded animals

Pentobarbital sodium for injection260 mg/mL in 100 mL bottles Sleepaway (Fort Dodge)Approved for use in dogs and cats
389 mg/mL in 100 mL or 250 mL vialsSocumb-6 gr (Butler)  
Somlethal (Webster)
Approved for use in dogs and cats
390 mg/mL in 250 mL vialsFatal-Plus Solution (Vortech)Approved for use in dogs and cats

Pentobarbital sodium/phenytoin sodium390 mg/mL pentobarbital sodium and 50 mg/mL phenytoin sodium in 100 mL vialsBeuthanasia-D Special (Schering-Plough)  
Euthasol (Virbac)
Approved for use in dogs